Monday, October 20, 2008

Kinda neat; extremely blue

A friend of mine from college is involved in this web site where the world can cast its vote for president. It's so Hands Across America, Bob Geldof, Benetton ad, you know? But also very cool.


Brett Jones said...

Interesting app.

I'm assuming you're an Obama supporter Alison, but I'm hoping you can do something for me. On Nov.5th, when your Republican fan(s) (I'm quite possibly the only one) are completely dejected and trying to drown their sorrow in a bottle of good Scotch, will you do us all a favor and post a vlog telling us it all going to be okay? Tell us the coming socialist utopia won't cost all that much and we'll still be able to keep our boats second Mercedes sedans (the one I keep for the nanny).

P.S. If McCain wins, tell us the same thing.

I've never felt less represented in the Presidential election in my life.

Joe said...

Poland has cast 2 votes - 1 for Obama and 1 for McCain.

I think we should find those 2 people, put 'em in a ring, and let them battle it out to determine the next leader of the free world. It would be more entertaining than our system, although ACORN is providing a lot of laughs these days.

Scott said...

Don't worry Brett--you're not the only AMR fan that makes important decisions using reason and logic as opposed to feel good emotion.

That map though makes it looks like I'm going to have to move to Oman..:(

It's no wonder the world loves Barack Obama so much because he goes abroad and slams the United States every chance he gets and is eager to implement European Socialism here in America.

The World in general (especially Europe) is envious of our success and military might--they loved it Barack Obama went to Germany and apologized to the World for the United States despite the fact that we've given MORE aid to other countries than pretty much the rest of the World combined.

You don't have to be a historian or terribly bright to see the disgusting irony in B.O.'s apology for America that he made in Germany.

Germany elected Adolf Hitler and brought his Nazi Party to power by a vote approval of over 72%!!--and then Hitler (w/ Germany's blessing) went on to murder or cause the death of over 50 MILLION PEOPLE...It was the United States that ultimately stopped Hitler's Germany and their allies and ended the bloodiest War in History bringing freedom and opportunity to millions of Europeans.....and Barack Obama goes to Germany and apologizes to them and to Europe for the United States. Well played Sir! :(

Did I mention I'm not a fan of B.O.?

OK Rant over