Wednesday, October 01, 2008

If I drew cartoons for the New Yorker

I'd draw one of a guy in the middle of a labyrinth or maze and the caption would be "I'm getting a little tired of staring at these same 37 walls."


Joe said...

Another good cartoon, Alison! I have to say though that your line on Twitter really made me laugh: "Caught my reflection in the glass: Hello gorgeous!" Ha. And now you know how guys feel when they see you.

Good guesses on the animal that hides its nose. I never would have guessed that it's a... Polar Bear!

Polar bears are all white except for their large black noses. And since they live in Artic areas, their noses really stand out. THAT'S what I heard on the radio. Now, I did some online research this morning and here's what I found...

Polar bears do have very prominent noses, and some people claim the animals can be spotted from as far away as 6 miles (with binoculars) because of them. But I wasn't able to find a source that confirms the animals really do hide their noses. The most I could find were statements like "hunters claim..." or "many people say..." One site also adds that Polar Bears try to conceal their noses when hunting prey.

Other sources say it's a total myth and no one has ever seen a Polar Bear exhibit such behavior.

Wikipedia says, "A widespread legend tells that polar bears cover their black noses with their paws when hunting. This behavior, if it happens, is rare — although the story exists in native oral history and in accounts by early Arctic explorers, there is no record of an eyewitness account of the behavior in recent decades."

In any event, this page makes me believe it could be possible:

I love the caption!

Toddrod said...

I finally decided to go check out this so called New Yorker that you always write about and to my surprise, it looked like a bunch of hooey! The cartoons aren't even all on the same page!


P.S. My verification word is "wsidex." That is cute!

Ted from Accounting said...

No No No NO! I swear, I didn't read this first...I just posted "Bear" on the other thread! Damn it! Timing is everything in life! I swear I picked a bear! Argh! Thanks JOE!

Anyway, I like your cartoon idea Ro Ro but I would even add that the guy is holding a GPS in his hand!

Ted from Accounting said...

Alright, in my eternal effort to keep this blog interactive...I'm running an experiment!

AMR-Fan Club members...go to the "My Two Cents" post below and choose which photo you believe MOST resembles what Alison's senior high school year book photo would look like!

I choose "No it's cool!" But I could be wrong!

Joe said...

Ted, were you going to include a link in your message?

Great guess about the bear!

Brett Jones said...

I think the best pic is "But I think it's that..."

I suppose this picture is the closest to what AMR looked like in high school.

Joe said...

OK, I get it...

I'd have to choose "But I..." because it looks like she's in a stare down with one of her teachers. Like he gave her an A when she thought she should have gotten an A+.

Brett, how did you find that picture? 14 year old Alison was SO CUTE!

Toddrod said...

Wow Brett! That pic of Alison reminds me of Nancy McKeon from Facts of Life. Her expression is saying to me that Blair must have just stolen one of her boyfriends or a donut! Alison was a little cutie.


Scott said...

That link wouldn't open up for me--is this the picture you're talking about?

If it is, I love that pic too!

I think it was taken about the same time Alison was doing extra work for 'Saved by the Bell' :)

Brett Jones said...

I don't remember how I ran across it, Joe. It definitely wasn't the result of a google search that included the words "Alison Rosen pictures embarrassing nude". I would never think to search the web for risque photos of AMR.

OK, because it's really hard to convey certain humor in text (at least for me) and because the above joke is pretty creepy, I want everyone to know I was just kidding. I have never spent hours upon hours scouring the web for those kind of picture.

See even my clarifying statement came out creepy. I'm bad at this.

Ted from Accounting said...

AWESOME! That pic was classic Brett...nice find!

RosenFans are the best...but I guess our host knows that already!

Next time, I'll put a link Joe...I'm such a scatter brain! LOL