Monday, September 29, 2008

See me, hear me, love me, snuggle with me

I updated that junk on the right side of this here page to reflect tomorrow's radio interview on Devore and Diana and the stand up which I've been talking about so much it's like, lady, shut up already. You know?

Also, I bought some green beans today at the store because the quirky and whimsical placard said "Give your sous chef the night off," with these pre-cleaned and trimmed and ready-to-eat beans. I don't even have a sous chef but if I did he'd be named Henri and I'd never give him the day off because he's a slacker and I'm thinking of firing him anyway. These water spots on my silver? Unacceptable, Henri! And is that a chip in my fine bone china which was made from ground down parakeet bones and purchased in China when I was sent overseas as part of a military gravy boat buying mission? The Audubon Society never let me hear the end of it.


Ted from Accounting said...

"...when I was sent overseas as part of a military gravy boat buying mission"

Same shit happened to me!

Joe said...

"the stand up which I've been talking about so much"

No - you haven't been talking about it enough! Is your routine ready? Are you practicing a lot? Have you done it in front of anyone? We need more info. It's so exciting that you're doing this, Alison!

Lost is getting better. They're finally stumbling on some of the island's secrets. They found out one of the peope in their group on the island wasn't originally on the plane (wow!) and he kidnapped the pregnant woman (why?). G4 is showing an episode every week night while SciFi is showing 4 episodes on Mondays, ergo the newer episodes are now on G4.

I heard a good one today... What animal covers its nose when its being hunted? Does anyone know? I'll post the answer here in a month or two.

Ok, ok, I'll post the answer tomorrow. But you gotta say 'pretty please'.

Toddrod said...

Pretty Please!!! I didn't know any animals could even cover it's nose!


Ted from Accounting said...


I'd say skunk for obvious defensive reasons! LOL

Ted from Accounting said...

How did the radio show go Miss Rosen?

I'm far too busy to actually listen to radio (LOL) but it seems that you and Diana work well should get rid of her co-host and take over! You totally have a radio voice!

Joe said...

It's not a skunk, Ted. Good logical guess though!

I heard it on the radio this morning and the answer surprised me. But it really does make sense after you think about it.

Brett Jones said...

See me: both eyes, wide open.
Hear me: seraphic melody's fill my ears.
Love me: er, lets not mention this to my wife.
Snuggle with me: I'm really more of a nuzzler, but if that works for you I'm game.

Toddrod said...

Ok Joe.. since you gave a bit of a clue (the answer makes sense after you think about it), I am going to guess....

an elephant

I guessed elephant cuz they have quite a big nose, and I would guess it is vulnerable it some instances.


alison said...

An ostrich? I'm guessing that's not the right answer...

Ted from Accounting said...

Since I lost my first hand on "skunk"...I'm going to double down my bet with "Bear."

Go ahead Joe...let everyone else down nicely and tell them I won!