Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Only Drive Winners


Joe said...

Have the auto companies started contacting you yet? They're always looking for glamorous spokesmodels to help sell cars. And boy, do they need to sell more cars!

Brett Jones said...

As a teenager I once one a pie eating contest, then there was the multimillion dollar Lotto payout.

Just kidding, I lost the pie eating contest.

Brett Jones said...

Oh my GOD!

I'm going to blame it on multi-tasking while trying to be funny, or maybe public school education. The shame is nearly unbearable. Man I sure I wish we could edit comments.

I spelled "won", one. At least it's phonetically correct. That counts for something, right?

Fuck it. I'll admit it. I'm a highly functional illiterate. My shameful secret is finally out.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the "I only drive winners"

"The fate of the presidential campaign is determined by whichever party ticket gets to use that enticing one liner first.........But too bad the fate is not in my hands"

----------Ron Paul