Friday, September 12, 2008

I looked "fascinating"

Coming to a delightfully humiliating video soon!


Brett Jones said...

Is that you doing the Robot on the left?

Joe said...

That's fantastic Alison!

As great as it is seeing you on Red Eye and other shows looking "perfect" (you know what I mean), it's also nice seeing you look a little more normal sometimes. If I were looking for a cute personal trainer, you'd be my first choice.

From that one pic it looks more like a jazzercise class than yoga, but we'll have to wait for the video. The guy in the front looks like he's doing a rain dance.

This is the last night for MINI right? You must be pretty racked after 10 days. That's a long stretch without a break, but you did an incredible job.

Have a great time at the Closing Party!!