Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hold it right there

When I'm rich and own the world one day I'm going to have my own bathroom that travels with me because the amount of time I spend waiting in public restroom lines is ridiculous.
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Toddrod said...

Can't you just go into the men's restroom? We don't have lines unless it's at a sporting event.


Joe said...

It's always fun reading those reports that say something like the average American spends 4.8 years of their life waiting in line, or 8.6 years sitting in traffic, or 3.2 years picking lint out of their naval (although unlike the other two, naval lint picking is clearly a very worthy endeavor).

haha... I was just watching convention coverage on Fox and they ran one of those annoying commercials with T Boone Pickens. And then after the commercial they had Hannity and Colmes interviewing... T Boone Pickens. And he said almost exactly the same thing he said in the commercial!

Are they out of their T Boone Pickin minds?