Thursday, September 04, 2008

First video from the MINI rooftop

It was windy and I was looking all around and my face was kinda scrunched up because of said wind and also, the rooftop is just cool and there's a lot to look at. Anyway, here's the first one. Expect more with oodles more me in the them (seriously, they will be chock full of me. They will be a nougat of me dipped in a me coating).


Rbastid said...

Hmmm doesn't seem to want to load more then 3 seconds for me.

From what I can gather by moving around and catching some images.

-The guy is German.
-Your in the teal top
-apparently they made the floor out of Godzilla's back.

Joe said...

I was able to view the whole video. Maybe there was a problem with it that they fixed.

Very cool! Your sitting in the dimples was funny. Can't wait to see more. Hopefully they'll have nice weather over the next 10 days, but they must have plans in case it rains.

Good luck Alison!!

Brett Jones said...

You're such a pro AMR, well done. The handsome German fella was far to serious, you adding a little levity into the clip makes it worth watching.

As a plus for me, I finally get to see you move on your own two legs.

How many clips will there be and how often are they posted?

Toddrod said...

Is that THE shirt? I love that shirt! Alison, you have the art of interviewing down to a science. The German dude was talking about the dimples, and I thought, "I wanna see them sitting in the dimples now!" Bam, you are asking to sit in the dimples about 3 seconds after I had that thought. If you can think like your viewers and ask the pertinent questions, you will be successful all your career.


Ted from Accounting said...

I think that was the return of the shirt! That shirt has more air time than Sanjaya Malakar!

Love that shirt by the way! I'm not sure what that German dude was saying but...I was mesmerized by the shirt!