Sunday, September 07, 2008

Here are some photos

I've been meaning to ask someone to get a shot of me in action but I haven't yet. Instead I have a camera full of shots of the rooftop and also of shots of myself that I took myself, because sometimes that's what I do.

The rain was no friend of my hair today. Here I am trying to do something about it.

Here's the stage yesterday.

Here's the inside space.

Here's me, waiting to film a ridiculous clip which I'd tell you about but I don't want to ruin the sight gag-y surprise.

Here's where we work.

Here's the mound with the dimples at night.

Here's me all close up and stuff.


Toddrod said...

More close up vlogs! Yeah, I know you are busy with work, but when you are done it would be great!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the "On The Rooftop":

"Yo ALison, I'm also a guest at the Minispace rooftop event ! When going on the roof top, watch out for the pidgeons and also the poppinjays.And by the way, if you try very hard to find me but can't see me there, perhaps it's because I'm just a nobody....."

-----Terry "Could've been Somebody" Malloy

hugh said...

I like you when you're into you a lot.

Brett Jones said...

Big wow on the last close up. You are a very pretty girl.

I also like the freckles.

Just watched the latest video. Talking to a lot of fruit in that one, good stuff.

Joe said...

Wow - those are great pictures Alison!! You're doing a FANTASTIC job at the event!

It looks like the light in one of the dimples is out (bottom left). The poor guy there is sitting in the dark. Hey - you better get on that :o)

You must get some great views from the rooftop, especially when the sun goes down. We had a beautiful sunset here last night. I guess the clouds from Hurricane Hanna were moving in and the sun just lit them up as it was setting. It looked like the sky was on fire with bright red and orange colors. This morning it's just overcast with drizzle. No heavy rain yet though.

Oh, I watched 3 episodes of Swingtown last night. It's a pretty good show. So the first season is over now, right? I wonder if it will be back for another season. I found out the first season is coming out on DVD in November.

Ted from Accounting said...

love the freckles!