Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tropic Thunder and boots

Today I had a four hour break in the middle of the day which is considerably more annoying now that I'm living in Brooklyn and can't go home to fuck around. Well, I mean I can, but it just didn't seem like the best use of time. I was going to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy an over the door towel rack and some garbage cans but instead I went to the movies and then bought a pair of shoes. I plan to hang my towel on the movie stub and throw my trash in my shoes. The left will be for mixed cardboard and the right for orange peels and coffee grounds. Basically I'm going to compost in my right shoe. You're welcome, planet Earth.
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Toddrod said...

Potty mouth!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the movie:

"Toddrod is right. I was also taken aback by your profanity. Next time you do a post with swear words, give me a signal by adjusting your shorts.Whatever that million viewers line really means..."


Joe said...

You were snubbed by Kirsten Dunst? Wow. Maybe she was afraid you'd ask her about her $13,000 handbag. The next time you see her, please inform Ms. Dunst that I will be boycotting Spiderman 4 AND Spiderman 5 (the movies are going to be filmed concurrently). Maybe she'll think twice next time.

Seriously - would it have killed her to take 30 seconds to talk to you? Somebody needs to take out the trash.

So MINI Rooftop is almost halfway done. How are you holding up, Miss R? It sounds like you're putting in some really long days. I know what it's like. Hang in there! Your videos on the web site so so so so so so so GREAT!

Brett Jones said...

buy a car. a mini cooper maybe.

todd said...

Um; best post ever. So short, so complete.

Brett Jones said...

How did the test drive go?