Saturday, September 06, 2008

I love Marc Kushner

Marc Kushner and Mattias Hollwich are the architects who designed the rooftop where I'm doing these segments until the thirteenth and I love both of them equally even though typically I don't like architects with the exception of Elise Keaton from Family Ties but I love Marc Kushner a little more because he told me where to catch a cab in Brooklyn so now I don't have to give all my money to a car service. Instead I can give it all to yellow cab! Hooray!

But really, I should get back on the train. And I plan to. But carrying all this crap isn't conducive to commuting by train not to mention the fact that the rooftop is nowhere near the train. Know what it's near? Time Out New York which I used to just walk to because walking forty or so blocks seemed easier than taking the train. That was before I lived in Brooklyn though. Anyway I'm worried about the integrity of my hair today what with Hugo. Hannah? Horatio? What's the name of this hurricane? Also I keep triping on my own pants while walking down the stairs and I'm afraid I'm going to take an embarrassing spill. Also, this cab driver is talking too loudly on the phone.
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Ted from Accounting said...

I never liked Elise but I was a fan of Clair Huxtable...we must remember that was a time of youthful exploration for me!

Brett Jones said...

Being the resident low rent AMR fan, I'll have to admit my affection for Sanford and Son. Lamont was a childhood hero to me.

Toddrod said...

Chico and the Man! Chico and the Man!


P.S. The verification word is "mcpop." Sheesh

Joe said...

Great job on the "Fashion with Veruschka" video! Greg needs to get Lady Bunny on Red Eye - if they can fit her hair in the studio.

matthias said...

hey alison - it was so much fun, being interviewed by you during the MINI ROOFTOP events .... hope to catch up with you again soon! matthias