Saturday, August 09, 2008


I'm on the Hamptons Luxury Liner because I decided it would be easier than renting a car. I'm kind of already regretting it because I lost my plum spot in line to get on when I dropped my phone-this very phone I'm writing this on-because I was trying to drink coffee and twitter at the same time. I may have been twittering about drinking coffee. You know that phase when you're dating more than one person before you settle on one? Other people find it exhilarating, I find it exhausting. Anyway, communications wise, this is like that with the twittering and blog and myspace and facebook and my prominent listing in Who's Who and various and sundry gazettes and community bulletins, assorted minutes from a plethora of meetings, plus monitering my graffiti presence I don't know if I can remain so multi platform. Maybe, we'll see.

Anyway, so my phone clattered to the ground and some nice man picked it all up and I hastily threw it, unassembled, in my smaller than everyone else here's bag and then I got on to find that all the rows of two had one person in them. I hate strangers! (But I know they're as afraid of me as I am of them.) So now I'm gently bumming out a nice woman in the front of the bus who's reading a hard cover book. I don't know what it is. I'll report back.

So but before we were being held up for what seemed like a while because not everyone was on the bus yet. A girl arrived and as she was walking up I hear this crotchedy voice behind saying 'there's the asshole!' But I could tell he was sort of out of it. You know when you can tell the difference between an outspoken jerk and outspoken unwell jerk? He's the latter. So then she gets on and he starts yelling about how she's a fat slob who held us up or something. I turn around to see what the hell and he's easily three hundred pounds. I didn't want to look directly at him for fear of engaging. He's got a minder, or wife, though, so hopefully she'll keep him in line.

And the magazine selection blows.
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Grant Friedman said...

I can't believe that you typed all that out on your blackberry. Enjoy the Hamptons!

Joe said...

I hope the weather was as nice in the Hamptons as it was where I am today. After a week of mostly rain, the sun finally broke out this morning. The temperature is perfect too - in the mid 70s.

I spent some time watching the Olympics today. Even though I don't watch a lot of sports, I always love the Olympics. Today it was mostly volleyball, some swimming, some cycling. Can't wait for the mens and womens gymnastics. And the opening ceremonies were so good, I'm already looking forward to the closing ceremonies.

Brett Jones said...

Public transport is evil.

So are you making the trip for work or fun?

My family and sister-in-law are heading out on the boat Sunday. A little sight seeing and maybe a picnic, it should be a lovely time.

Ted from Accounting said...

Is the Hamptons luxury liner a subway or train? I totally picture subways to be like your encounter with the fat dude! Although I'm somewhat of a pacifist, my inner self would want to tell that jerk to shut up! Doesn't he realize how important you are! Some people!