Friday, August 08, 2008

A banana grows in Brooklyn

Banana seat?

Banana seat!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the banana hungry post:

"No John edward Jokes, No John edward Jokes, No John edward Jokes......"

---Greg Gutfeld on the temptation to make a John Edward Joke (John Edward the psychic not John Edward the Senator....Of course he will make a sen. John edward Joke silly. And it does not have to refer to what happened today!!!!!)

Toddrod said...

The verification word is "padvda." I will not try to create a sentence using this word:

Alternative Russian newspaper Padvda reported recently that there is a shortage of banana seats in eastern Siberia. Kremlin officials claim that this matter is under serious discussion with local authorities to find a long lasting solution to this crisis.


Joe said...

Nice bicycle. Is that how you're getting to the Hamptons today?

Anyone see the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night? Awesome. I don't care if they are communists - they really know how to throw a party.

Rbastid said...

Well nwow you can take pictures and make a new internet song.

"Squish squish squish squish banana seat." Fill in the rest as needed

Ted from Accounting said...

No comment! LOL