Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's short for Ignacio

I'm back after spending the day in the Hamptons interviewing polo player Nacho Figueras. I would have been talking to him before the match (the game?) but for the second Saturday in a row the match/game, which consists of chukkas which are seven minutes each (someone did some googling!) was called off because the field was soggy. Everyone still hung out under the tents but after hearing him talk so much about polo I really wanted to watch him play. It's saying something since I am to watching sports as I am to...

What's something else I really don't share a pronounced fondness for, which sets me apart from so many of my peers?

Having babies? Grape Nuts? Summer?

You know?

If I'm making even less sense than normal it's because I've been up forever. I'm hating myself for dumping a big pile of stuff on my bed as I ran out the door this morning. I guess I have no choice but to push it onto the floor.

For more of today's blow-by-blow action you can check my twitter because I was updating that today. Or just wait until I write the story.


Don Allen said...

LOL at the pile of stuff on the bed. I'm the same way, but it's usually with laundry that I do just before work. I come home and watch TV completely forgetting about the laundry until I walk into my room when I'm about to go to bed. There's the reason why all my clothes are almost always in a pile on a chair and never in my dresser. :\

Brett Jones said...

Dear god. Did you go out there and back on the same day?

By the way, I'm sleep typing. Wow is it late.

Brett Jones said...

Hey Alison.

I'm curious, how do things work in the writing world? Are you tasked to do specific work or do you suggest to someone what you'd like to do? Are you the person that contacts the celebs and arranges the meetings?

Anonymous said...

Quote of the not so biggest sport fan (Alisons Rosens):

"I was thinking about meeting you in New York since I signed with the football team here but knowing that you are not very fond of what masculine men want, I may have to retire early......."

---Bret "The Jet" Farve

Toddrod said...

I was driving home from Lake Tahoe early this morning, and I fell asleep. I suddenly woke up, and I was heading straight for the center divider of the freeway. Fortunately, not many people drive on Sunday mornings at 4:00 am, so when I swerved and lost control of my car, there was nobody around to see me do a 360 degree spin in the middle of the 680 interstate.


Ted from Accounting said...

Polo!?!? What the? That isn't a sport! Saturday was an awesome UFC card...God it really was! I know you watched it so I won't say how great the fights were! You did watch it...right Ro Ro?

I love summer...never personally birthed a child but I imagine it to be painful! Grape Nuts...not so much, I need uber sugar in my cereal.

Peace out you Grape Nutty bloggers and try to stay in your lane Todd! Glad you are ok!

Toddrod said...

Thanks Ted! It was quite exciting. I hope I never do that again.

Rbastid said...

At first I was thinking it was water polo, so when you said it was called off for a Soggy field my brain kinda shut down a bit.

I'd like to see a diving comp haulted for too much water or too many dogs in the pool.