Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm back!

I'm back I'm back I'm back I'm back I'm back! I don't even know what to say right now except I'm really glad to have internet again and also, my freezer smells. Like asparagus. I have a can of asparagus in the refrigerator. But I really think the smell is something separate. But what are the chances?

I have so much more to say but for now I'll say that I just got back from interviewing one of the architects of the MINI rooftop and the space is really cool. Also, I got grass on my butt and shoes. And because I couldn't find my lingerie tape because it's in one of those boxes over there, I just scotch taped my shirt to my body. Also, it was so hot up there we both were shiny. Also, I'm tired. And finally, um, I missed you.


Joe said...

YAY! Our leader has returned from internet exile! Everyone thinks the oil companies are evil, but I say it's the ISPs (they're so damn smug).

Hope you're settling comfortably into your new base of operations. You must be so happy the move is over (even if you can't find the lingerie tape).

So why am I watching Jurassic Park for the 10 millionth time?? Please excuse me while I try to find the remote....

Brett Jones said...

"And because I couldn't find my lingerie tape because it's in one of those boxes over there, I just scotch taped my shirt to my body"

With an absolutely straight face and zero innuendo, tell me more. What in the world is lingerie tape and why did you tape your shirt on?

Oh, and I'm really happy you're with us again.

Where can we see your interviews with the small space people?

Toddrod said...

I am back too! Not that anyone is here for me, but the Vegas trip was a big blur. I lost all my money though. I need money!


todd said...

Welcome back from Vegas Toddrod! I used to live there... I should have pointed you in the right direction for the best buffets to destroy your cholesterol count on! But alas, now I'm in Minneapolis... watching the Republicans decend upon my lovely city, along with St. Paul, and shut it down. =)

Toddrod said...

Thanks Todd! I'd like to come to the twin cities someday. I heard there is a big mall there? Like a really big mall. Does that mean there are really big mall chicks there too?


Davee Jones said...

When are you gonna be on red eye?
I need my alison fix.
Im starting to have withdrawals.

todd said...

Toddrod, yes- the Mall of America is in the Twin Cities here... and it's pretty damn huge... although most of the out-of-towners go there cause it's near the airport. There are about 6-7 regular malls in the metro area that the local peeps hang out at when we're not mocking Wisconsin or falling off of bridges. =)

Toddrod said...

Oh my verification word is "flblmao."

Alison left a post on her blog that read, "Brett Jones comment about my lingerie tape made me flblmao!" He is such a funny guy.


Brett Jones said...

Toddrod: I still have no idea what the lingerie tape is or why Alison needed to tape her shirt on.

I guess I could look it up, but I'd waiting to hear it from AMR. That and I like a little mystery in my life.

Brett Jones said...

Alright. I couldn't stand not knowing any longer. Just after I published my comment my wife walked into the office. I asked her what lingerie tape was and response was, "for dressing a wound?".

She's an MD, so I guess it's natural to go to an area you know when you're fishing for answers but it made me chuckle.

In my house, lingerie remains a mystery.