Friday, August 29, 2008

first night in the new apartment

So years ago I had oral surgery because I had an impacted cuspid (hot!) And I remember thinking at the time that unlike so many experiences in life where you get yourself all worked up and nervous and then they go fine and are much better than you were expecting, the surgery really kind of sucked. And then I had to have it again a couple years later or maybe some months later, I can't remember because it was high school when I was busy writing down what I wore everyday so I didnt repeat which is funny since now I always repeat. Clothes are really just an extension of your personality and my personality is green sweater. But anyway, moving is like surgery. It always is worse than you expect, or just as bad, and yet it gets done and then you forget about it and then eventually you have to do it again. I like the place though. I just feel a little disconnected because thanks to superior customer service, and that's sarcasm, I have no internet or cable. Or phone, but that was to be expected. Anyway, if I sound hoarse tomorrow it's because I had to smoke crack to settle my nerves. Also because I was on the phone for hours trying all manner of pleading from desperate to irate to resigned. Anyway, once I'm connected again just you wait because I took pictures with fred and rita today while moving in the midst of a crazy allergy attack. So, there's that to look forward to.


Ted from Accounting said...

We miss you Ro Ro!

Toddrod said...

Did you remember to ask the landlord if there are any ghosts in your apartment?


Joe said...

It must have been a long day of moving. But you're right, somehow it always gets done.

The internet company needs to know you have many blog readers across the country who depend on you. They need to get moving. RosenFans will not tolerate shoddy service for our leader!

The passage about your writing down what you wore everyday in high school (not sure if you're serious about that) reminds me of a woman I worked with a long time ago who liked a guy in high school so much that she wrote down everything he ever said to her. I think he was on the football team or something. She was really hung up on the guy though.

Anyway in the course of 4 years he only spoke to her 5 or 6 times, but she faithfully recorded every word. The typical exchange was something like, "Excuse me, you're in my way." At least she didn't have to dedicate too much paper to this task. I thought that was so funny - and so did she, years after it happened.

Good luck on GDNY this morning!!

Joe said...

I just read your latest Twitter - did you really get only 2 hours of sleep last night?? You poor thing! You must be almost sleepwalking. You deserve some serious down time.

Toddrod said...

I'm going to VEGAS! Have fun in your new apartment Alison! If any of you need some bets placed for any football games, let me know!


Brett Jones said...

I had some knee surgery a few years ago. They gave me the option of staying awake and watching on a monitor the pretty pictures of the inside of my knee while they cut out seemingly important but non functional bits and pieces.

I opted for a general.

So there was a few minutes of prep and idle chatter with the Nurses and Anesthesiologist then nothing. When they woke me I was experiencing the most blissful sleep I'd ever had. The room could have been on fire and I would have happily drifted of back into dreamland.

At the time, on a 1-10 scale, I'd say I was a 4 in the nervous department.

"Clothes are really just an extension of your personality and my personality is green sweater."

I really like this idea. I need to think about what my wardrobe says about me.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the surgical procedure:

"I will choose Alison Rosen to be my Vice President probably because she can help me move this country forward as evidenced by her extensive UHAUl...."

----John "Money, Money, Money" mCcain

Davee Jones said...

Hope everything goes well in the
new AP,
Have a good labor day weekend.

Joe said...

Hope your services are hooked up soon, Miss R. We miss your words of wisdom, your insight, your humor...

The holiday weekend is starting off pretty rainy where I am. I think it's supposed to get better over the next 2 days though. One sign that summer is pretty much over - the big yellow taxis (school buses) are out on the roads again!

Brett Jones said...

If this keeps up we (your adoring fans) will need to have some words with whomever your internet provider is.

I have a little cuteness for you to lay your eyes on AMR.

If you have any inspired dog names you'd like to send my way, I'd love to hear them.

Wow, look at that. Mere moments after I threaten your ISP (and before I even press post) your twitter tells me you're back online.