Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am stressed!

Again with the stress. If fear and anxiety were a pinball and my body were a pinball machine, someone would be racking up a lot of points playing me because that ball is zinging around, bouncing off my spleen and ricocheting off my ileum and then getting caught in my pancreas where you think it's lost and then it pops out again and stuff lights up and now there's two balls zipping around! No two ball jokes, please.

See, I was feeling fairly on top of stuff because yesterday went well and so I could stop stressing about that and then today I made a to-do list and it wasn't as scary as I thought but then I found out that I may have to do an on-air interview late next week which is when I'd planned on moving and somehow that's toppling my whole house-of-cards-of-calm feeling I'd built out of this deck of 52 Bicycles, which is a kind of card, not actual bikes because there's no way I could build a house out of actual bikes! I'd get covered in gearshift oil! I'd smell like tires!

I wish I had a desktop zen garden with a small waterfall and little bonsai tree. I need some kind of desktop de-stresser.


Ted from Accounting said...

You poor thing! Think of us as your little stress balls! Squeeze the shit out of us Miss Rosen!

An old ancient Chinese zen secret to distress is to VLOG...or so I've heard! :)

Toddrod said...

My verification word is raxgua which could mean "relax."

Alison was stressing about the limited time she has to move into her new apartment and prepare for an interview next week. Alison needs to raxgua and put those cares away because on air television interviews typically only take 3 minutes to complete.


Toddrod said...

Wait Wait! Don't squeeze the shit outta me. I had Burger King for lunch.


Anonymous said...

Wait until the National Enquirer article about the Alison Rosen love child is published. That's when the stress really begins!

And I was just notified that a private plane will be flying me to an undisclosed location in the Bahamas tomorrow. And I've been warned not to talk to reporters...

Brett Jones said...

I feel like I should have some uplifting or supporting words for you, but I'm kind of in the same place. I have a ton of work I've been putting off or have been unable to do (both for clients and myself) and everyone is starting to lean on me to get right on it.

My personal projects are mostly exterior painting and the last month here has been very wet. It'll still have to get done before it freezes though.

The best I can do for you Alison is a lame "I feel your pain".

:-D Shea said...

Take a deep cleansing breath and click here: