Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ducklings de-stress me

From Cute Overload.


Ted from Accounting said...

Stop it! I just overdosed on the Acapulco Gold of "cuteness!"

Rbastid said...

Aww this doesn't beat the cuteness that is "Dog Adopting Owl"

Or any photo of a baby manatee.

Have you tried doing Yoga in Bryant Park to unstress yourself? I heard theres some nice people with holey clothing that hang out there.

todd said...

All I can think about when I look at that picture is what the rest of the scene would look like if you pulled the camera shot back. Why does that person have such a tight grip on the duckling? Is he the pitcher in a game of duck baseball? Did they just pull him out of the jaws of a croc?


betch said...

Oh wow, that is making me lactate.

Joe said...

That reminds me... it's time for dinner (no, I'm not having roast duck tonight.)

Alison, you have more balls in the air than a juggler with Ringling Brothers. But you're gonna be OK! You're an uber-woman! You're our superhero! You're the wind beneath our wings!

(Where's Bette Midler when you need her?)

Toddrod said...

Ha! Betch made me smile and squirm uncomfortably at the same time. Joe! Bette Midler is in Vegas at Ceasar's Palace! We should get all the RoRo fans to go to Vegas to see Bette Midler sometime.


P.S. I'm not a Bette Midler fan, but I'd pay to see her show any day over Celine Dion!