Friday, July 25, 2008

The worst sentence I've ever written

So I'm still transcribing but occasionally in the midst of transcribing I'll quickly jot down a sentence or attribute a quote in a certain way. I just watched the following come out of me:

"Wow ambitious!" someone joshes jokingly.


Rbastid said...

atleast it wasn't "Wow ambitious!" some jester joshes jokingly. Or you could just degrade your writing and add LOL in there.

Toddrod said...

Instead of "someone" you should just pretend a person named "Josh" made that statement. That would be some major cool alliteration.


Ted from Accounting said...

I bet you were the one of those people that always messed up MadLibs when you were a kid! :)

Ted from Accounting said...

and my grammar as usual sucked in my last post! As I've often said, I dumb-down when I blog!

Yes, I know, I've been posting a lot lately....I have the blog-bug all of the sudden!

Joe said...

Wow... today was a blur. All I really remember is that Alison was transcribing something, her butt was asleep and she left something on vibrate. I hope it isn't what I think it is...

Is it really Friday night already? I could use a couple more work days this week. And I just realized we're almost into August!!!

It always seemed to me that once Labor Day weekend is here, the rest of the year goes by really fast. Before long it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Years.

The second half of the year may have the same number of calendar days as the first half, but it definitely flys by faster. At least in my twisted little universe.