Friday, July 25, 2008

Frustrating things that smell

Hi blog readers. I'm writing this from the gym. I basically have to work all weekend and I was planning to work as long as I could today

Whoa, I have to interrupt my own post to say that a man just walked by me, actually I can't even be sure it was a man, it could have been an elk, and now I'm encased in a stench bubble the likes of which I haven't smelled since I was in Europe in a heat wave. Wow. It was kind of unreal. I may pass out.

Anyway, I was saying that I have to work but I decided to come to the gym because I'm all emotionally pent up and I figured coming here and choking on elk fumes would help.

I found out today that I didn't get a job I was hoping for that would have meant I'd be relocating for awhile. The funny thing is at first I saw relocating as a negative but the closer I got the more I began to think it might be nice to live in a lighthouse. It's unusual, for one, and once you get past the constant smell of seagulls and all the Pete's Dragon jokes I imagine it would be a fairly serene way to pass the time.

You're probably surprised that I even consider myself the lighthouse type, but I guess I surprise even myself when it comes to lighthouses. (Only when it comes to lighthouses. Otherwise I'm predictable.)

So it wasn't really a job in a lighthouse. But the good news is that now if any opportunities in lighthouses pop up, I'm free to pursue them.

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Rbastid said...

Would you except jobs in abandon US Prison Camps in Sandy Hook? They have a light House you can visit.

I figured I always wanted to try and write up a short film based around those things, maybe you can go investigate for me when I find some hedge fund manager with money to waste to support my ideas.

Oddly after just coming from the gym my shirt also has a smell, but it smells like Mr. Softy Vanilla Soft serve with rainbow sprinkles, which scares and tempts me. *chews on shirt*

Toddrod said...

Why does it seem like every woman that writes for a living, or perhaps was an English major seems to LOVE light houses? I'm not sure I understand the attraction. Aren't most lighthouses haunted with scary ghosts that make lots of noises like howling wind or howling wolves or howling sea horses? That's too scary for me!

Ted from Accounting said...

Was this post actually a subtle hint that I should wear deodorant to the luncheon?

Was the light house thing...meaning "Old Spice" is preferred?

Maybe, I'm reading to far into this thing!

Sorry about the job AMR! :(

Grant Friedman said...

Sorry you didn't get the job! I used to work in government but when my boss, the governor lost his election, I lost my job. Been looking for work ever since. If you hear of any graphic design positions let me know ;-) I think you're great! You deserved it, whatever it was!

Smelly people in the gym terrify me but most of the time I realize that the smelly smell that I smell is usually me. Yikes!

Toddrod said...

Speaking of jobs. Weren't you saying that you liked being on the radio? I think you should pursue being a radio talk show type person. Some of them actually make a very good living. However, I think one of the job requirements is that you have to be kinda ugly. You may not have a good face for radio I am afraid. :(


Joe said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job too, Miss R. Someone really screwed up by not giving it to you, and I'm immediately boycotting them - whoever they are.

Let it be a warning - don't even think of getting on the wrong side of the RosenFans! We're (almost) 300 strong, and like the warriors in the movie 300, we can kick some serious ass when provoked!

"RosenFans - Come back with your shield, or on it!"


Actually, my favorite quote from the movie was by Queen Gorgo.

Queen Gorgo: "Your lips can finish what your fingers have started..."