Friday, July 25, 2008

If I drew cartoons

So I just now, just a few moments ago thought of ANOTHER idea for a New Yorker cartoon. I swear people, sometimes my mind is so fertile it's scary. It's like I have manure between my ears!

If I drew cartoons for The New Yorker I would draw one of a bunch of construction men loudly hammering a sign (or somehow installing a sign but clearly whatever they're doing is making a gigantic racket) and the sign would say "Quiet Please."


Anonymous said...

Quote of the original editorial:

"If I drew cartoons for the NEw Yorker, I would draw psychotic doctors in China killing their own clients and to your surprise, the doctors are
very young boys. The heading will be entitled YOUTH IN ASIA !!!!!"

---Sorry, Ali G already took that joke.:(

Joe said...

And how about they're putting the sign up inside a library? And the people trying to read in the library are upset because the workers are making such a racket?

OK, OK, I'll stick to Excel spreadsheets.....(sigh).....