Friday, July 25, 2008


Is not my favorite way to pass time. In fact if I could have someone else transcribe for me without forfeiting the ''thoughts coming together" process that tends to happen while transcribing I would. Except today the only thoughts coming together involve how much I hate transcribing and how my apartment is a mess and loads of thoughts about apartments and moving and then some thoughts about other websites I could be visiting and hey, is my butt asleep? I'm kind of thirsty. Is it cold in here? I wonder if anyone's left me any comments lately. Is my phone next to me? I think I left it on vibrate. I have headphones in and what if someone calls me and I don't hear it because I don't hear the vibrating. Yeah, I'm kind of thirsty. Maybe I should make sure I have that file of stuff pertaining to this article that I'll need to refer to later. Am I just procrastinating? Of course I am. God I hate transcribing.


Rbastid said...

See sadly, I wish I could free associate like this. I use to have to do it in my Creative Physcology class and it was mainly me writing "Do Do Do Dee Dee Dee and then lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone"

Isn't that kind of how all work is though? Like I sit around here "working" thinkin hmmmm wonder if Alison or Hotair updated.

Well now you can get the telepathic message that you have a new comment.

Ted from Accounting said...

Is boomchackalacka actually a would your transcribe or modify that?

Have a great weekend you freaky blog people! Do you think Alison will have activities for us at the luncheon? If we play any boardgames involving English, I formally request that she is on my team! Thanks in advance!