Thursday, July 24, 2008

Once again Shamrock has given me the gift of me

Last night on Red Eye Andy asked if I'd come up with any more New Yorker cartoons in my mind and I mentioned this one. The awesome Shamrock made this and posted it on The Activity Pit. Now, I should say that despite the way I titled this post he didn't actually give ME the gift of me. He gave all of YOU the gift of me and for that you are thankful. (for the explanation of this one... because good cartoons need explanation of course... watch the video below or read the "if I drew cartoons" thread.


Toddrod said...

how come the mouse looks like Bill Schulz?


P.S. Good one Shamwow Rock

Ted from Accounting said...

Wow, that could be a portrait of me! I'm a handsome devil...Thanks Shamrock!

Damn it Joe, Todd, Brett...start making some doodles, this guy is getting all the positive press around here!

Joe said...

Excellent job, sir! It's a beautiful rendering. And even though I'm attracted to neither Alfred E Neuman nor rodents, I'm oddly aroused by your artwork!

By the way Ted, someone on the Activity Pit beat you to starting a group for Joshua McCarroll, Red Eye's Matthew McConaughey shirtless correspondent. I knew it would happen. The group, called Josh B’Gosh, has 5 members already. Someday a janitor is going to walk behind Andy during the halftime report and someone will start a group for him.

If Greg does another News Whip segment, I may start a group for the guy being whipped. I have to think up a clever name though. Poor guy... it's the least I can do.

Brett Jones said...

Sadly Ted, my artistic media of choice does not translate well to a digital world. I work in smells mostly. I've been doing a lot with Mint lately which is much easier on the olfactories than my early road kill period. I was in a bad place back then, and it really showed in my work.

I'm with you though. His ability to win the praise of AMR is troubling.

Joe said...

I also have very little artistic talent. However over the weekend I'm going to whip up the best damn Excel spreadsheet you've ever seen and post it on Alison's AP group. Boy, will she be impressed!

Hey, if anyone wants to get high in NYC this weekend, here's one way:

Ted from Accounting said...

Alright...since I can't even get a stick figure drawing out of you guys....I'll re-post my old Rosen Masterpiece...It got deleted a while back and the new RosenFans need to see how "stunning" it really is!

Brett, your smells comment gave me an idea for a drawing....however, it will be sadly plagiarized or stolen from the work of another artist if I can find it.

I guess we can add to Alison's basic fan demographic....the majority lack artistic talent...along with being middle aged-bald headed, mid-life crisis males! You may chuckle but these are important to track for catering selections if Alison ever hosts a fan appreciation luncheon!

Ted's meal choice; I like Seafood, broccoli & cheese and diet Dr. Pepper!

Thanks AMR

alison said...

Ted, the drawing got deleted? From where? You guys know you can get to all my older posts by clicking on "older posts" on the bottom right, right?

I should totally host a RosenFans luncheon!

Ted from Accounting said...

Well, the pic got deleted from the AP but no is back Ro Ro!

Just don't get me all excited and then say the luncheon is in NY! Per the Census Bureau, the majority of RosenFans live on the west coast.

Ok, well maybe I'm playing fuzzy math with the numbers...I'm just afraid to fly!

Toddrod said...

Yeah, I'm a West Coast Rosen Fan. I do wanna come to NYC someday though. I wanna try New York pizza, and I want to see the Statue of Liberty, and I wanna go up to the top of the Empire State Building, and I wanna go to Alison's apartment to help install an air conditioner and name plants.


Ted from Accounting said...

I could see Todd now....Alison that plant is named "Cannabis!"

ShamrockRepublic said...

Giving the gift of Alison is top on the Make a Wish Foundation register I hear.

Good idea Ted, to spread the creativity amongst us Rosen fans, I say we start an interpretive dance club based on her celebrity interviews and guest spots. First production would be about the Ciccone one-on-one, and gradually work our way down to Chelsea Handler visits. That is till we get banned from public appearances. I'll start working on the sequins costumes.

Brett Jones said...

"along with being middle aged-bald headed, mid-life crisis males!"

Lets see:

38 years old. Check.
Pudgy around the middle. Check.
Male pattern baldness. Check.
Back hair. Yeah, lets not talk about that...
Buying a fast boat so I can take the kids "fishing". Check.
Restoring an old motorcycle in an attempt to recapture my youth. Check.

Damn you Ted! All this time I though I was just an all around fun, youthful and vibrant guy. Next thing you know I'll be buying a red Corvette and start cruising the local drive-in trying to pick up girls by revving my engine and yelling crude cat calls.

For the record, I'm a pushover for good Thai food.

AMR, I suggest the event be held at Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Isl. It's a wonderful location and I by chance happen to live a very short distance from the park.

Ted from Accounting said...

Sham, I just got to warn you...I cut a mean rug!

Brett, that cracked me up! Don't forget to add the wearing of 80s concert t-shirts...if they still fit...screw it, I say where them anyway!