Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update: I'm on Red Eye tomorrow (Wednesday night/Thurs morning)

Remember how I was going to be on Red Eye on Friday and you were all like "I can't wait that long," well now you don't have to! Hooray! Woohoo! Yippee! More similar words!


Ted from Accounting said...

Well, I had some really important plans for tomorrow and midnight but I'll just have to cancel them!

I can't miss a Red Eye with Alison...it just ain't right!

Philip said...

Thank you in advance for clarifying the whole Wednesday night/Thursday morning thing.

I would have been highly disappointed at 3AM Tuesday night/Wednesday morning if I thought I missed your performance, but realized you meant the next day.

I wonder if I'm the only one that's made that mistake...

Joe said...

Awesome! And I know exactly how this happened....

It's Monday evening and dark in the Fox studios. Greg, Bill and Andy are sitting on the Red Eye set long after all the guests have left. They're drinking beers.

Greg: So why do you think our ratings have slipped over the last two weeks?

Andy: I think it's the Bill-a-Buster. It slows the show down.

Bill: No, it's the halftime reports. They aren't as funny as they used to be.

Greg: Well, whatever it is, we need to bring the ratings up - and I mean now. Roger (Ailes) called me 4 times today. He says if the ratings don't improve, we're all toast. I gotta get him off my back!

Andy: Well, what can we do?

Bill: I know - let's bring the ring girls back. Everybody liked them.

Greg: No, I've got a better idea. Get Rosen on the phone.

.......minutes later.......

Alison (at home): Hello?

Greg: Alison, I know this is short notice, but can you be on the show Wednesday night?

Alison: Uhhh... I don't know. I'm checking out apartments and then I gotta go to the gym. I've only been there 15 times this week.

Greg: Alison, we need you! I need you! You're the only one who can turn our ratings slide around.

Alison: Well, OK. But you owe me - big time!

Greg: Alison, if you were a toaster, I'd do you on the kitchen counter.

Grant Friedman said...

Should we expect your mouth to be full of gauss from the dentist?

Toddrod said...

hahaha... good one Joe!