Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dick Wolf's oeuvre

When I look back on my life and think that there are so many things I could have been doing in my thirties such as having kids and, um, scrapbooking, I suspect the following post will serve as a piquant example of how I frittered away my time. Now I'm wondering if an example can be piquant. If it were an example of salsa, certainly, however what if it's an example of time frittering? A spicy, bold example?

But as I was saying: Am I the only one who vastly prefers Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit to the regular Law and Order or God forbid that Vincent D'Onofrio version which I can't stomach at all but is always playing on Jet Blue flights. I mean is there a channel that exclusively airs the Vincent D'Onofio Law and Order because I think Jet Blue subscribes to that satellite service. And then there's Law and Order: Trial by Jury which don't even get me started on because I haven't seen it. But basically if it doesn't involve Olivia shuddering over live victims and befriending children in a way which I know is supposed to strike us as compassionate but often comes off as creepy, and Stabler needing get a hold of yourself, Elliott, I don't want to watch it. Goddamnit what is the name of that other one? The forensics one? I need to fly cross country so I can find out.


Brett Jones said...

Not to change the subject but, Frosted Animal Cookies are soooo yummy.

Back on topic. I've often wondered, "How in the world has this women not been scooped up, knocked up and oppressed by some beautiful but self absorbed and emotionally abusive man?".

Personally I'm happy it hasn't happened.

Rbastid said...

Actually I liked SVU much better then normal law and order, but for the last year I just can't stand any of them.

Every damn week its like, "On a RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES law and order, our governor has sex with a hooker and then dies" Too many real life stories with a twist. And as you said theres always the 5 episodes made just so Olivia can win an Emmy, where she saves an autistic 5 legged baby from chinese wombat smugglers.

Trial by jury lasted like 4 episodes before the one guy died, so that didn't do well.

And CI is good with Chris Noth (Is it Noth or North?)

But alas SVU will always be the best just because we can all think of Stabler going to save a child then in the middle humping a fridge like in Wet Hot American Summer.

PS. Ever think of Live Blogging Red Eye, just sit there and blog from your phone while the guys wonder what the hell can be going on.

Hugh said...

Mariska Hargitay is so completely magnanimous. Plus saying her name over and over is like crack. Waiting for Law & Order: Darwin Awards.

perfect just like mommy said...

Totally agree with you. And when are Olivia and Elliot just going to get it on already?? -Lilly