Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Is it wrong to want to rule out an apartment just because it's a walk-up? The irony is that I'm typing this while at the gym, on the stairclimber. Not really. I'm on the bike. And perhaps if I had to cycle to my apartment I wouldn't be so quick to say no, but the idea of having to climb a number of flights to get home bothers me. What if someone is chasing me and my legs get all noodley/rubbery and I can't push myself any further and I'm carrying sixteen bags of groceries, two cans of hairspray, emergency television makeup, three books, a drink and a lawnchair and I slip? That would never happen as I would never carry a lawn chair. But this is reason five million and twelve why looking for an apartment when it's hot and summertime is stupid. Maybe I wouldn't mind stairs in the winter. Anyone? Weigh in please.
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Ted from Accounting said...

Don't do it AMR! You will develop huge body builder style thigh muscles...You won't be perfectly proportioned any longer! :)

Joe said...

My feeling is if it's above the fourth floor, you gotta pass. The fourth floor can go either way, but the third floor or below is fine.

Just don't leave a toilet sitting out in front for more than a few hours.

Rbastid said...

Is it like one flight of stairs? Three? Pi?

I live 1 flight up and I hate going up more in the winter, the hall is always hotter then outside and you have on a jacket and your stream of sweat makes you fall down the stairs, not fun.

I guess if your in NYC though its just getting the best you can. You might have to move to Hoboken and be all cool like A-Rod and Mike and Julliet.

Brett Jones said...

Your the type of gal who should be living in a building with a concierge service and a separate service lift to keep the common folk out of sight.

If only I was single, and lived in NY, and could devise a way to meet you that didn't come off as uber creepy, oh and I was filthy stinking rich.

I guess if I was just filthy stinking rich all the other stuff wouldn't matter to much. Damn rich people, they have all the fun.

ShamrockRepublic said...

Rule it out if only for the reason you won't have to carry slightly heavy objects up the stairs. Plus you may get one of those annoying neighbors that listens for people coming up the stairs and looks out their door to see who it is. I try and poke them with a cattle prod. Fun times.

Can't put my finger on it, but I suddenly have the compulsion to purchase a Verizon Wireless Blackberry.

Ben said...

I think you should take it. Based on the description of your groceries, by combining one can of the hairspray, the lawn chair, lipstick from the emergency makeup kit, one of the books (given that it's a Mandarin-English dictionary) and hopefully you have a roll of duct tape on your person (who doesn't though?) you can quickly construct a field expedient weapon that will render the Allison chaser helpless and mewling at your feet.

Grant Friedman said...

Alison, you'd be crazy to live in an apartment without an elevator, a door man and a concierge. Come on, you're on tv and famous. Act like it! ;-)