Monday, July 21, 2008

I really don't feel good about this

...however I seem to have gotten sucked into Date My Ex: Jo and Slade.
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Rbastid said...

I mean can it be any worse the "The Mole" or Greatest American Dog (I wanna choke so many of those owners)

We're in a TV/reality lull so I'll be sticking to Yankee games every night or movies I've missed (yeah I was a film editing major and I haven't seen a movie in theaters in like 3 years) Theres also alot of good concerts on Music HD I can catch up on untill Prison Break comes back in Spet.

Or I guess I can just lock to homeless people in our open apartment and have them fight to see who becomes our new tenant, I'll call it Hobo Housewarming.

Toddrod said...

Ok, I was laughing at myself, cuz I misunderstood this post, and thought Alison was saying that she's going to date an ex-boyfriend. Then I was thinking, "her ex-boyfriend's have names like Jo and Slade?" So I was really confused. Then after reading rbastid's post, that it occurred to me that Alison was referring to a tv show that I've never heard or seen. Teehee!


Anonymous said...

Quote of Another late blogging:

"Your tardiness is improper and I took a lot of umbrage from it.I decide not to make a pop song about you anymore...."

-----Katy "KIss a girl" Perry

Joe said...

Even though I don't watch either, I think I'd prefer watching Trading Spouses than Date My Ex. It just sounds racier.

So... every summer in my neighbodhood they set aside one Saturday for yard sales. Last Saturday was it for this year. So everyone was putting things out in their yards and folks came from miles away (or at least a few blocks) to see what gems they could pick up. OK, fine.

Sunday morning I drive up to the store and a little way up the street there's one solitary item left in a yard that apparently didn't sell. A toilet. Sitting in the middle of this person's front yard is a toilet. Cute. I figured the people were tired Saturday night and didn't want to move back inside. OK, fine.

I drive up the road this morning (Tuesday) - and said toilet is STILL sitting out in the yard. Now believe me, I'm pretty tolerant of my neighbors, but this is pushing neighborliness a tad far. Come on people - bring it in, take it to the dunp, toss it in the woods... just get it out of the yard OK? At a minimum, get some nice flowers and turn it into a planter.

I'm seriously tempted to grab a newspaper and a beer, and go sit on it and see how long it takes for someone to start up a conversation with me.

"Howdy neighbor!!"

Ted from Accounting said...

I watched some Car Repossession show last night that was hilarious!

New season of Big Brother - wOOt

God I love you super hottie!

Brent said...

Say it Ain't so...

Although I'm a little hooked on Big Brother this season

Brett Jones said...

I don't even know you anymore!

Next you'll tell me that you've had carnal knowledge of strange men, or that you speed in traffic.

You're breaking my heart...

Tyson said...

You're right. You shouldn't feel good about this. I watched the first episode. I won't be watching any more.