Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Will Ferrell and I are tooth buddies

Tomorrow morning I'm going to a dentist for the first time in New York. Now I know what you're thinking, that that's hard to believe since I've lived here for over six years, but you see, while I've lived here for six years, my teeth only got here a year ago. Also, usually I just go to the dentist in California who also happens to be the dentist Will Ferrell trusts with his teeth (I just couldn't bring myself to refer to them as his chompers, pearly whites, or 'grill'.) I've never actually seen Will Ferrell or his brother, who I'm told also goes there as well as their mom, however I always ask how he's doing or if he's been in lately and they always tell me that he hasn't but his mom or brother has and he's doing well and very rich. That's pretty much all I ever hear about him, just how really rich he is. Then the dentist comes in (up to this point I've been chatting with the hygienist), asks me if I'm still in school and I say I've been out of school for eleven years and how're my gums? At the end they let me look at my teeth in a tooth shaped mirror and give me a free toothbrush with the name and address of the dentist embossed on the side. Does Will Ferrell also brush his teeth with this kind of cheapo personalized toothbrush? Don't be silly! He brushes his teeth with a golden toothbrush made of mermaid hair. Sometimes while I'm there I ask to use the bathroom and they give me a key attached to a giant toothbrush! I mean we're talking freakishly large. Do plastic surgeons attach keys to breast implants?

So anyway, I have a toothache in twenty nine. Lower right twenty nine. That's tooth talk for one of the ones on the bottom. Sensitivity to cold? Check. Sensitivity to sweet, hot, loud noises, motion, a tiny gnome pounding my tooth with a small hammer? Not yet but I imagine it could happen. And so twenty nine and his friends and I will be repairing to a new dentist tomorrow. I'm reminded of the episode of Sesame Street where a llama went to the dentist which is really preposterous when you think about it. Although that would totally make tomorrow worth it if there were llamas in the waiting room with me.


Toddrod said...

How long does it take for you to type two large paragraphs on your Blackberry? That is kinda impressive if you say "under 3 minutes."


Joe said...

Farewell #29, you've served Alison well all these years!. Be sure to put it under your pillow - you might get a quarter.

It'd be cool if you could get an X-ray of Will Ferrel's teeth from someone in the CA office. You could try selling it, although not on eBay because that would raise too many questions. You'd have to go through a private memorabilia dealer.

I haven't been to the dentist in a few years. I used to go every 6 months, but I went for a long time without any problems and I really started to hate the cleanings. Some of the hygenists were good, but some were just horrible.

I was there once having the cleaning done, and the woman (I think her last name was Goebbels) was so rough with the scrapper/pick thing that I had tears running down my cheeks. Seriously. And of course I'm too much of a man to say, "Hey - that hurts!" You'd think the tears would be a clue though, unless she just thought I was feeling sad.

I should start up again. Hopefully that little sadist isn't there anymore.