Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tobey and his toys

This is how I found Tobey's water dish and his toy. It's probably random, but I would love to believe he placed it in this position deliberately. A dog with a refined sense of cute... would be very cute!


Toddrod said...

Dammit, that IS cute! It is so cute, that I refuse to sign my name to this post!

Joe said...

That's so funny! I don't doubt at all that Tobey did it on purpose.

OK, so I thought up my own cartoon and wanted to share it here first with all my Alison-blog friends. Now keep in mind I've had absolutely no formal comedic training - and to maintain my amatuer standings, I've neither sought nor accepted any monetary compensation for my humor.

Are you ready? I hope you're sitting down...

The cartoon is of a husband and wife. The wife recently delivered a baby by Cesarean section, and the husband has just had a vasectomy. Now they're appearing together on a popular reality TV series. The title of the show... "Dancing With The Scars".

Thank you! Thanks you! (takes a bow) You've been a wonderful audience. Please exit to the left and drive home carefully. I hope to see you all again the next time I'm in Milwaukee.

Rbastid said...

I wouldn't doubt that Toby did that, my dog does funny little things like that with his toys. He even cleans up before going to sleep by putting everything in his crate.

If you live with one of these small crazyass dogs long enough you'll wonder what the hell their thinking.

perfect just like mommy said...

I think my daughter has the same hippo, which makes me wonder now if someone actually bought my child a dog toy, or if your dog happened to get a baby toy.