Thursday, July 10, 2008

See me on TV Sunday morning!

Remember when I used to do the Best Bets segment on Weekend Today in New York every Saturday morning? You don't? Because you were asleep at 6:45am? Well I daresay you were missing out, because not only was I able to form whole sentences at that hour, but... actually, that was the main thing. Whole sentences! Also: info! Also: sometimes I told stories about my friend Anthony who refers to tap dancing as "The Headache Dance."

Well this Sunday I will be back in studio 6A (6B? 15G? 12&?) to do a segment for Page Six Magazine so cancel your Saturday evening plans so you can get up early on Sunday (ch. 4 in the 7am hour) and watch!


Brett Jones said...

I'm driving down to Long Island this weekend Alison. Is there a studio audience? I could make a big sign with "We love you Alison" on it and stand their screaming like I'm a 12 year old at a Hanna Montana concert.

Toddrod said...

I am assuming all of these times are Eastern. I sometimes want to think that Alison forgets where she is at, and imagines she is working on the West Coast. West is best! Word! (I'll be honest, I never understood how to use "word" correctly)

Toddrod (should I stop signing my name?)

Ted from Accounting said...

Now that was funny Brett! Be sure to wear your Alison Rosen T-shirt as well!

Joe said...

Brett, you should offer to pick Alison up and drive her to/from the studio. We don't want her to have to take the subway that early on Sunday morning and have to step over all the drunks.

Alison, I checked - it's studio 401k. You can also do some retirement planning while you're there.

Brett Jones said...

I'd be happy to become Alison's personal car service for Sunday. Months back I also replied to a post at the activity pit stating my willingness to cover personal stalker duty for Alison. I'm totally there for her.

You see I'm the kind of fan that will drive 8 hours, drop his plans in a second and be there for a celebrity. Not to blow my own horn (oh, if only I could) but I'm the kind of fan the celebrity world needs more of.

Brett Jones said...


Are there AMR t-shirts? Maybe Alison can get together with Shamrock Republic and make some shirt using the "New Yorker" cartoons.

Joe said...

Brett - I sent a message to Greg a long time ago suggesting they offer Red Eye gear. They could have coffee mugs, calendars, T shirts, and lots of other stuff for fans. Maybe even a "Best of Red Eye" DVD with the top interviews and a segment with all the best intros.

Personally, I'm dying to get my hands on an Alison Bobblehead. I'd be willing to pay a lot, even as much as $4 or $5 dollars. Plus shipping.