Thursday, July 10, 2008

more cartoons

Tuesday night on Red Eye, Andy asked me if I'd drawn any more New Yorker cartoons in my head, which I so had, and I mentioned the one where a hunk of cheese is telling an obscene joke and the caption is "Blue Cheese." Well Activity Pit member "Shamrock Republic" has once again made manifest my thoughts, which is awesome. You see, when it comes to all things doodley, I am merely an idea person. I leave the heavy lifting to the Irish.

Also, today I had a delightful lunch with someone who doesn't think Lisa should win Next Food Network Star because he thinks she's crazy. I nodded as if I, too, think she's a wackadoo and yet, deep down, I don't. I'm sorry, Lisa, I sold you down the river and the sad thing is that I don't even know why. You deserved better, especially after Jenn broke the apricot sauce jar and got glass in your duck confit.


Toddrod said...

Blue Cheese? Looks gouda to me.


Ted from Accounting said...

Wow, you actually have fans with real talent! I'm impressed Shamrock! That is cool!

Rbastid said...

With all this talk of Food Network Star I must ask how you thought the ending to Hell's Kitchen was?

*Spoilers Below*

I think my boy Patrozza get the shaft, he seemed like such a nice guy, he was never in the bottem 2, he was the top person 3-4 times, and he wasn't an isufferable beeotch.

He'll just have to come work at my new New York Restruant, Spinach Village

Brett Jones said...

What Ted said. Well done Shamrock.

I foresee a flood of artwork hitting the blog, all in an attempt to garner AMR's favor.

We'll all be like my 3.5 year old son. "Daddy, daddy, daddy...." "Yes Matthew?" and then the long pause where he realizes he doesn't have anything to say. After a few seconds he recovers and throws out a "when I get bigger my friends and I are going to play football" or something along those lines.

Joe said...

Very nicely done! You two should collaborate. Think of how much money Scott Adams (Dilbert) and Gerry Trudeau (Doonsebury) make. You guys could retire after about 5 years.

Can I be your business manager?

ShamrockRepublic said...

Better a late comment than none I always say. Super cool Alison posted these. Glad everyone seems to like them here too. As the Australians say, Muchas Gracias!