Sunday, July 27, 2008

This morning's Fox & Friends segment

I'm not loving the blurriness here but I guess it reflects how blurry I am in real life. UPDATE: I fixed the blurriness with a simple youtube hack. I feel so... fancy!


Ted from Accounting said...

I'm soooooo hungover right now...just woke up at 12:30....blah

Now that was a really funny clip...I laughed out loud at your cracking open the lobster comment!

I must say...your pal Elizabeth is cute!

Good job Ro Ro!

Toddrod said...

Who is the hack that took care of your blur? Watch out for those hacks, because I hear they can be less than honest. Just be careful.

I also wanted to mention that I really love your outfit. You look very professional with the blazer/jacket thingy.


Rbastid said...

Oh no you had to hack? does that mean your whole blog will now use the words, teh L337 and Haxorz? If so I'll be on here laughing more then normal.

Hugh said...

Fox must change the name of the morning show to Fox and Total Foxes.