Sunday, July 27, 2008


This should be a term for craigslist-inspired wanderlust experienced when looking at craigslist and seeing an apartment that's cheaper than what you'd planned to spend and has more bedrooms than you figured you'd get but is located in a town you've never heard of which is likely far from everything and may be across state lines. This sets off pleasant reverie involving thoughts of saying "what the hell" and picking up and moving to a three bedroom cottage in Setaucket or Weekawken or Mamaroneck because it would be an adventure. Perhaps you could work in a gift shop!


Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, I know I read to much into your posts but does this post actually mean I'm supposed to wear "Axe" body spray to the luncheon or was it really about apartments and Craiglust?

Oh, I'm just kidding...move to Setaucket already!

Toddrod said...

Ugh Ted! That Axe body spray smells like sewer rats in love. It is disgusting. Stick to the Brut by Faberge.


Rbastid said...

I'm always a little leary about using craig's list for anything besides jobs, even then I often assume I'll enter a buildng on Houston St. and get clocked over the head by a sock full of nickles. I think we're going to use an agent to rent one of our floors out when its finished in 6-37 months just so we don't have to endure the groups of 30 emo kids who want to live by NYC.

Also Weehawken wouldn't be too bad if you didn't mind taking a bus, the light rail and then the path all to get to NYC or one of those little vans where no one speaks english.

Also at first glance I thought this said, Crag-sluts, refering to the many many many post about 1 day hookups or guys posting for nude foot models in the jobs sections. (Not that i'm complaining about all that money this made me)

Anonymous said...

Quote of the new home:

"Perhaps moving there would make you the next Jack Torrence....."

--Stephen "SHININg" KIng