Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fox & Friends tomorrow at 9:45am ET/ 6:45am PT

Remember how I promised to update you on what time I'd be on Fox & Friends tomorrow? I wouldn't just leave you twisting in the wind, my little corn nuts. I'll be on at 9:45am ET/ 6:45am PT. See you then!


Joe said...

Ha... the power went out here a couple of minutes after I sent the last message. Back on now thankfully.

Speaking of corn nuts, there's this:

(It's kinda loud, so turn your speaker down)

"Enjoy yourself... we won't tell."

Toddrod said...

I can't believe I am up at six in the morning! I think I must be nuts for not being all tucked away in my big, beautiful, pillow topped bed. All I have to say is that I had no idea that Allison Camerota was on this show! OK, I am waking up now! Yay!


Toddrod said...

Awesome! I didn't fall asleep, and I was able to see Alison on tv! I feel like I've accomplished something important to start my day! I think I better go back to bed now.

However, before I go, I also wanted to add, that after seeing AMR on tv again. I want an AMR tshirt. I think it was a post that Ted made a few days ago about wearing our 80s rock concert tshirts at some get-together that this idea started for me. I no longer fit into my Iron Maiden tshirts anymore, so I want an AMR tshirt!


Joe said...

Wow - this is your day, Alison! You just had a great appearance on Fox & Friends and your Page Six article is on the newstands. The article is excellent. I read it twice and I hope everyone else reads it once it's online. Awesome job!

So funny that you mentioned Seinfeld on F&F. I don't remember your ever saying whether you're a Seinfeld fan or not. Yes, there's definitely GOOD naked and BAD naked. Eating in general is bad naked unless maybe it's something like strawberries and chocolate. I can't imagine sitting down to a meal of grilled red snapper and sweet corn coulis in my birthday suit.

F&F should just make you and Elizabeth Wolff regulars on the weekend. You two are a great team!