Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Someone bought some domain names today!

It's me! I did! I mean, I'm sure other people did too, but I'm the someone I was referring to.

You are probably thinking I bought alisonrosen.com and alisonrosen.net and alisonmrosen.com and alisonmrosen.net.

Well think again, buster. How would those names possibly help me get my business off the ground?

Erectile dysfunction medication isn't going to sell itself.

In fact, that's what I bought: erectiledysfunctionmedicationisn'tgoingtosellitself.MOBI

I think it's weird that the bald singer has his own web address root thingie (or, you know, whatever it's called) but I've ceased to be thrown by much these days.


Rbastid said...

Thats as cleaver as the fact google bought domain names along the lines of Googlesucksbigmajorballs.com and it still links to google, amazing.

Also I'm very hurt to find out from the Dailygut.com first that you'll be on tonight.

Nother great Word Verification Word, Laluh, I think its along the lines of vavavoom.

Ted from Accounting said...

Finally...and to think I was this close to buying those names and reselling them to you for extraordinary profits!

Can't wait to see you website...it's going to be groovy!

Joe said...

That's awesome!! As long as the UCI isn't something.co.uk - we hear that enough from Greg! Are you going to do the web site yourself or have someone set it up for you?

rbastid - Alison has had tonight's Red Eye appearance listed on her blog for weeks. Look on the right side under her picture.

Have fun on the show Alison! There's a great list of guests tonight.

Toddrod said...

Yeah! What Joe said! rbastid! You are supposed to read all that stuff that never seems to change that is listed under Alison's "looking to the left" picture. That is where I get my latest and greatest Alison appearance information. I also read here that part of her job is this dorky celebrity stalking thing.


Rbastid said...


Pft I can't bother to look at the right side, I'm busy trying to hide this window under all my work related stuff.

Alison normally gives us updates here or on myspace though, I figured we'd get an update telling us if she gets the legs seat or not *cross fingers*

Ted from Accounting said...

Yes, I'll have to lose some beauty sleep because I can't miss an AMR Red Eye appearance. Kick some arse tonight you website owner you!

Brett Jones said...


I was going to register alisonmrosen.com and post pictures of you in all your shabby workout clothes, stringy unwashed hair, braless stunningness.

Toddrod said...

For whatever reason, I always crack up when my fellow Alison fans refer to her as AMR. AMR is the parent company of American Airlines. I can't imagine Alison owning an airline. She would never let her customers wait in those long lines.


Ted from Accounting said...

That is funny Boink! I'm not sure if I'm the one that started calling her AMR but it is also a well known ambulance company...which every time, I type it, I think of that...Oh well! I've tried several nicknames for her and AMR seems the most appropriate...although Miss Booya was one of my favorites!

Toddrod said...

hahaha... Miss Booya would be a great name for one of Alison's plants. Just a idea

Toddrod (why do I keep signing my name?)

Grant Friedman said...

Congrats! Owning your own website is lovely. Enjoy it!