Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm on Red Eye tonight!

What will you do when the phone rings at 3am? You will let it go to voicemail because you're watching me on Red Eye. Duh!

Now, I couldn't help but notice the beginnings of some potential bickering in the comments. Let there be no bickering! It's very un-Alison-Rosen! It's against the very spirit of that which brings us all together: ME. Can't we all just love me and celebrate me? Together? Let's not let our petty differences distract us from the true meaning of this blog.


Toddrod said...

Yeah... if Sherrod Smalls is on tonight, well see some real bickering in action! Little Miss "is my talking getting in the way of your interrupting?" will be all over it!

I have a feeling I'm about to get banned! I am just kidding! Teehee!


Rbastid said...

Not bickering, just friendly needing to know your each and every move.

And in such fashion will you be walking down 5th or 48th to get into the News Corp Building and would you more likely enter an Ice Cream truck or Red Van if you didn't know the person asking you to come over? Also getting this information by 6PM would be great so I can get said van/truck when I get out of work. Errr or I mean not get said van/truck

Rbastid said...

Wait damn the building is on 6th Ave. Crap my plans are doomed.

Ted from Accounting said...

I'll be specifically watching to see how Greg, Bill and Andy treat you...per that previous post they don't apparently treat you as the other rather attractive young ladies who appear! I'll have to watch and give a post game wrap tomorrow!

I'm sure at the end of the year, if there was a poll for the favorite Red Eye guest that you would win! I may not watch the show anymore but you definitely class up the joint!

Joe said...

I don't think anyone here was bickering. We're all friendly and get along pretty well.

The last time my phone rang at 3 a.m. it was a company in China trying to fax me their entire catalogue, which was dozens of pages long. And for some reason it was disconnecting after each page, so it kept calling back to continue the transmission.

I could hear the machine ringing downstairs over and over, and I finally had to get up and turned the damn thing off. I also said a few choice words that I shouldn't repeat here because there are ladies present.

Wasn't Sherrod on last night? Oh no, that was Greg Wilson. Both of them interrupt a lot.

Philip said...

Why did I think that when your blog said that you'd be on Red Eye "Tuesday, July 8: Red Eye (FNC, 3am)," that you really meant Wednesday? I thought I was missing something when you weren't on last night / this morning.

Anonymous said...

Your brought your laugh out loud a-game tonight. You've been real sharp these last couple appearances.

Brian said...

Allison, TTMIJGOOP! I never knew that was a cop! That sheep said he was 18, and in people years, thats like, 18.