Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Meet Tobey


Toddrod said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! Your entire family has California accents!!!!

Well, your dad and mom do.


(not that it matters, but I couldn't see your grey tshirt. It's probably better this way)


Rbastid said...

Awww Toby is so nice, whenever I try to pick my dog up to my PC he goes ape shit and tries to run in midair, thus making me look like a cutter/addict.

The first time you put him off screen it really looks like you throw him on the floor, but then he appears again, Amazing.

Its great how, as Toddrod said your parents have Cali accents (They have accents there?) yet you do sound more like a New Yorker.

Ted from Accounting said...

Hello, leader of this blog! The readers of this blog send greetings from the planet blogosphere! You are so formal!

I'm wondering where you take Tobey to Tobey when you live inside a penthouse mansion / high rise building?

Oh, I have another VLOG question...although you never answered any of my other ones (sigh), but since I've been an AMR-Blogger, I tend to post late into the evening and quite often you approve the messages write away which leads me to believe that you are either an insomniac or your Blackberry wakes you up and you realize it is Ted and you must approve all that is my brilliance right away. Do you have preferred times that we post? I realize you run a 24 / 7 operation but I'm just curious. :)

Toddrod said...

Yeah! When are we supposed to post to get faster service?


P.S. rbastid, do you really think Alison sounds like a New Yorker? She looks like a New Yorker, but her voice is so Californian to me.

Toddrod said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! Did anyone else notice that as soon as she started to pick up Tobey that her voice got super squeaky high!?! I KNEW she talked to the dog all cutsie wootsie!

OK... I've posted in this thread waaay too many times.. sorry everyone!


Ted from Accounting said...


Joe said...

That post was great! It's pretty clear Tobey needs his own blog. If Millie can write a book (with some help from Barbara Bush), Tobey can start posting online. Who knows - he could even become a Blog of Note.

Thought the line about Matthew McConaughey not suffering under the weight of extra IQ points was funny. Were you sitting way behind Andy again? I could see a blurry green shape that kinda looked like your beautiful dress, but couldn't be sure.

I don't know how you do it, Miss R, but you keep getting even more attractive!

Anonymous said...


Sepeda said...

Toby is adorable!