Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's all over the news

Not this guy.

Greetings my little acorn squashes. Sorry I haven't been blogging with the frequency and fervor you deserve. I've had my nose to the grindstone.

Today I'm interviewing the brother of a very famous celebrity and no it's not Phil McKeon— brother of Facts of Life's Nancy McKeon–who was on Alice and was a star in his own right. Good guess though!


Rbastid said...

I'm going to guess its Madonna's brother, since I know he has a new book out about growing up with her or something.

Also if your nose is to the grindstone make sure you get it checked when your done, you can get an infection and then you'll be forced into radio only interviews while your nose falls off, if you need it I know a good platic surgeon around 70th and Park that can make you a new nose out of your ear and thigh. (She's also another Fox news regular)

Toddrod said...

Like rbastid, I am gonna guess Madonna's brother. He was on tv recently. I feel guilty for not picking another celebrity. However, rbastid is a smart cookie, and I don't feel like I could pick another person if I think he is already correct with his assessment.


Joe said...

Who am I to disagree with rbastid and toddrod? Madonna's brother is a good guess.

But if it's not him, I would guess it's Britney Spear's brother Bryan. Isn't he on some list of the universe's sexiest bachelors? I don't know - I don't follow that stuff very closely.

Alison might be trying to fool us. Maybe she has a brother she's never told us about and is interviewing him. I love conspiracy theories!