Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three things about Andy Dick

Camel chin

Three things surprise me about this story.

1. The fondlee was female.
2. Marijuana? I would have expected something harder.
3. I could have sworn there was a third thing. I find the depth of the cleft in his chin quite noticeable, but I'm not going to go so far as to say surprising. Also, his hair color. Also, the crazy look in his eyes. But none of those were what I was going to say.
4. this is in no way related to the interview I just did
5. with a famous pop star's brother
6. at the Maritime Hotel and the last time I was there there were mice scurrying around and I didn't say word one about it today, which I think is mature, don't you?
7. it's hot here
8. I have a headache and a lot of work to do
9. I enjoyed Mr. Dick in Dude, Where's My Car. Truly.
10. But then, I also enjoyed Hal Sparks in that movie and he turned out to be a douche nonpareil (we did Red Eye together)
11. that's a douche covered with little chocolate candies covered in small white balls
12. then rolled in capers
13. But I did like Queer as Folk.


Joe said...

He also had Xanax in his pocket.

But if you're going to pull down a girl's top and bra, at least take a few minutes to shave first. Bohemian.

Rbastid said...

Haha glad to see you have the same impression of Hal as me. From people I know who hang out with him I sort of expect him to be a member of the High and Mighty Vegan Police.

Brett Jones said...

I loath this man...

I'd wish him a rough ride in the pokey (oh yes, that pun was intended), but I'm not sure he'd consider it punishment.