Wednesday, July 09, 2008

At the hotel

The hotel my parents are staying at is crawling with cops. They're stationed around the perimeter and on the corners a few blocks in each direction. I realize I'm popular with the men in blue, but this is a little much, even for me.

Well I just found out they're here because Obama and Clinton are also here! As a member of the press I feel it's my duty to watch tv while telling you about this. My parents are currently walking Tobey with hopes of getting a glimpse of something or other. I suspect they will be getting a glimpse of... more cops.
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Brett Jones said...

Inquiring minds want to know. What political party is Tobey affiliated with?

I suspect it's the Free Green Milkbone party. Their promises of a Milkbone in every bowl and fresh new bouncy tennis balls in every backyard makes for a very compelling political pitch.


Grant Friedman said...

Unfortunately, unless your parents are part of the kitchen staff, they won't see either of them. Presidential candidates rarely walk where people will ever see them. I've worked a few events for presidential candidates, been ten feet away from them but still never caught a glimpse. Maybe that's a testament to how unimportant I am.

artiphys said...

when I lived in NY near Rockefeller Center, every time there was a parade there were like 20 cops per corner. There are at least 30 parades a year. That's a lot of doughuts.

This made me laugh, seriously. It's got nothing to do with cops.

Ted from Accounting said...

It seems like there is never a cop around when you need one though!

Hey great job on Red Eye the other night! My post game wrap is that you were awesome!