Friday, June 13, 2008

Possessing neither porch nor pitcher

I'm sorry, blog readers. I posed a question and then didn't ever answer it. What kind of jerk am I? I'm a jerk who's drunk on the power of you wanting to know the answer! Will I tell you? Well will I?

Yes. The answer is J. I do not make sun tea. But I'm touched that you would even think I might!


Ted from Accounting said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Will I ever get one right!?!?!?

As an avid AMR-Blogger, my self-confidence is at its all time low after missing yet another important piece of Rosen-Trivia!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the ALison Rosen Test:

"Dang, I knew that was the answer all along !!!!!!.....

----Stephen "The smart one" Hawkins

Rbastid said...

Grrrr. Was't sure if you were just using sun tea as a grouping for all sun drinks, such as Sun-Aide, Sun Punch, Sun Spritzers, Suntinis.

Again I get a semi real looking word verification word:

Icnormub, lets see if that little spelling bee kid ca spell that.

Joe said...

OH YES! I had the right answer. Do I win the trip to Italy? I've always wanted to go there!!

OK, no trip. But I'm still doing a happy dance. I'm high-fiving myself. I'm doing jazz squares. I'm flashing gang signs at my neighbors. It's an awesome day to be a RosenFan!

Wait. Who am I trying to fool. EVERY day is an awesome day to be a RosenFan!

I'm really just having a second cup of coffee and enjoying Saturday morning. Hope everyone else is too.

Hate to bring up sad news, but what a shock hearing about Tim Russert last night. It still doesn't seem possible. I wasn't a huge fan of his, but I watched Meet The Press when there were interesting guests on. He was always fair and never took cheap shots, unlike a lot of other news people these days. So very sad for someone so talented to pass away at such a young age.