Monday, June 09, 2008

Fun game: Things I like to do in the heat

Okay, folks! All the following are true except one. See if you can figure it out:

Things I Like to Do In The Heat (I suppose this could also be called 9 Truths and a Lie)

a) sleep
b) complain
c) nap
d) bitch
e) think about snow
f) watch TV
g) sigh
h) talk loudly about how I equate heat with death
i) talk loudly about how I equate walking around in heat like this to walking around in some kind of thick translucent soup—and not in a good way
j) make sun tea


Rbastid said...

I'll say you don't Sleep, since it would feel like your on a mousetrap made of peanut butter.

You should learn to love the heat/sun. Thanks to the sun I can save on my lighting bills because i'm now a bright redish color and I can light up a 5 foot by 5 foot room, I am the greenest thing in NYC. (Take that Global Warming Spider Man)

Joe said...

I learned in school that on a multiple choice question you should choose the longest answer. But I don't think that's right in this case because I think it almost certainly has to be:

j) make sun tea

OK, tell me I'm wrong. I'm not good at these.

(But if I'm right, I'm gonna do a happy dance!)

Lord Melchior said...

Well, since A and C and B and D seem rather similar and only one can be false, I'll assume those four are true. Watching TV and sighing is a no brainer whether it is hot or not. I think the answer is "i", although making sun tea is rather lame it seems more realistic than the translucent soup thing.

Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing snuggling on the leather sofa with your beau it out of the question. All that sticky skin peeling off the leather every time you more. Very romantic.

Ted from Accounting said...

Oh goody, the blog is interactive again! Ok, If I recall, I never got anything right when you used to do I'll say f) watch TV.

I know I'm right so just let everyone else down gently! :)

Anonymous said...

It has to be sun tea, I don't think anyone has actually made sun tea since the early 80's.