Monday, June 09, 2008

Link to Fox & Friends clip courtesy of Malone/Activity Pit

Some delightful mayhem at the beginning.

Me on Fox & Friends on Sunday


Anonymous said...

Quote of the FOX and Friends:

"Fox news is very nice, but when will you ever join the dark side ?......."

-----Ted Turner CNN

Anonymous said...

Oh great, now I'm gonna need a fluffer at the airport!
I guess Sunday AM is when FOX breaks-in their new technical staff! Good to see you. Thanks for the link.--Chris M.

Ted from Accounting said...

This may sound like a broken record but you were "AWESOME" Miss Rosen!

Toddrod said...

Yeouch! Seems like everyone was still trying to wake up on F&F. They kept messing up at the beginning there as if they didn't remember your names, and were pretending like they knew your names, but secretly they were thinking, "OMG, I just forgot their names, what is it? what is it?!?"


Rbastid said...

Awww I was expecting Big Hair Alison like last time.

You should have made a huge scene, then that guy would never forget your name.

Joe said...

For some reason, Alison, your blog is no longer very becoming on me.