Friday, June 06, 2008

I'll be on Fox & Friends on Sunday around 9:15am ET. Set all your alarms!


Rbastid said...

You should make a push to be on the Chris Wallace show, tell him Your Gov. Rosen of Slappiesville and you want your fair time on TV.

+Its on at a normal hour, 5PM

Joe said...

I'll have to miss church, but I'm willing to risk eternal damnation.

Toddrod said...

Joe! You can't Tivo church! You are such a sinner! :D


Joe said...

Toddrod - I know, I really am.

I'm hoping 12 years in Catholic school wil earn me some indulgences - not to mention all the emotional scarring from the nuns. The worst teacher I ever had though was in kindergarten. Mrs. Moran (a lay teacher) was a real witch and just a mean old hag. The worst part was that after surviving kindergarten, I found out Mrs. Moran was being transferred to the 1st grade and I ended up having her for another year.

Something else in my favor - my best friend growing up, Paul Beckett, and I went to Mass every day during Lent in the 8th grade. We went before school during the week. There were probably a total of 12 people in church every morning (including Paul and me) and we were the only ones under 80 years old. I was never so glad when Easter finally arrived!