Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey look you guys! It's this again!

So we edited the reel again, again. Think of it like the kind of nose job that people get after a nose job. Like with the first one, you definitely know that they're now sporting a different nose because they once suffered a deviated septum or had their nose broken a bunch of times (those are always the justifications. have you noticed?) but then suddenly one day their smaller nose is even smaller and more, um, "refined" which is a very nose job word. In fact, I should wear a button that says "Ask Me About Nose Jobs!" I could dangle it off the end of my unrefined nose (I just happen to know a lot about them because it was a weird teenage obsession of mine. I also know about horses and toe shoes.) Right, so anyway, this is the reel you've already seen but it's been tightened and improved and sandblasted and fortified. Also, now there's music at the end and my name lights up!

But my need to shout about every tiny change I make on this thing makes me wonder if I ever were to get plastic surgery, would I also be trumpeting that? I kind of think I would. I'm a very trumpety person. [not making any cabbage jokes. not making them. this is me not making ... jesus, this is hard!]

Alison Rosen demo reel from Alison Rosen on Vimeo.


Joe said...

Very nice. I like the new ending. For the next edit maybe at the end you can have the Rockettes high-kick across the screen while holding a long sign with your name on it. That would be a real splashy ending!

Ted from Accounting said...

Well...I watched the Star Wars trilogies many times and always enjoyed them....same thing for the third time through the demo reel!

Although when you do an update, it is customary to list changes / additions for the viewer! I'm just saying!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Nose Job (Nose rhymes with blow doesn't it. NOTE:SORRY TO RUIN THE JOKE FOR THOSE WHO swiftly get jokes right the first time.)

----Trivia Question: who needs a rhino makeover ?

(A) Owen Wilson
(B) Miley Cyrus
(C) Peter Townsend
(D) Gonzo (This is referring to the muppet not the one you're thinking about you sick perverts.)

Toddrod said...

Yeah, this video is better than that other video. You edited out the parts that I would have edited out! I now feel kinda guilty for not saying anything about this before. Should I have spoken up to you? Or should I have just kept quiet? I'm not sure what you want from me! I feel so confused! Why does this relationship have to be so difficult?


P.S. I'm just kidding. I'm not so goofy. :p