Friday, June 27, 2008

Wisdom from Swingtown

"Whatever the party is, that's the party I'm at."

This is something that Grant Show's character says to... that other guy. Bruce? I forget his name. The one without a mustache who isn't Roger. Anyway, it's kind of poetic in its laid back mellow grooviness.

I could use more of this sentiment. I'm more like "Whatever the party is, I'd like to change it into something else or at least retain that option."

I mean, not that I'm not the greatest party guest ever, because I am. You'd be lucky to have me at your party. I tell jokes, I mingle, I sample the snacks, I do this funny thing where I dribble water out of my mouth (note: I retired that one because it became rote, but it might be time to put it back in rotation) sometimes I even have so much fun I puke in your bathroom!

But metaphorically speaking, I keep my coat on. And literally I often do too.

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Anonymous said...

Quote of the Party:

"Wasn't the guy who played Boner the same guy who played Cody on Step-by-Step and beat his wife. I'll go check wikipedia. No that's Sasha Mitchell who beat his wife not Josh Koening. Where did I get the idea of "Boner" beating his wife anyway ?

---Leonardo "Naked Lady Artist" DiCaprio