Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The water

Greetings blog readers. Sorry I've been a little MIA it's just that every time I think of you I picture you reading another blog and I thought I could get past it but I can't. Wait, I need to dry heave for a couple minutes and then I need to whimper, sniffle and then violently chop lettuce while wiping my tears on my apron. You break my heart sometimes, you know that? You really do. I'm just glad we never had those half human half blog babies we dreamed about.

Anyway, I just walked down to the water. If I had a camera on my phone I could show you how beautiful it was but since I don't I'll have to use words to paint the picture. here goes:

The water was blue and shiny not unlike my eyes if instead of dancing brown eyes flecked with gold I had eyes that were blue and shiny like the water. The sand was sandy. I don't know this firsthand since I stayed on the sidewalk overlooking the beach, but in my experience sand is sandy and also sometimes it sticks to you. then you go to wash it off and then you take another step and whatever grains of errant sand are on the street cling to your just cleaned and still wet feet. I kind of hate that because I am fastidious in all areas of my life except the way I keep my apartment and the way I live.

While at the water I took a few deep cleansing breaths, thought about what it all meant while getting my head together and then I called a party line because I wanted to talk to attractive singles in my area. Okay, that's not true, but remember those? No? Neither do I.

Also, I think you should know that I'm walking around with my phone in one pocket and my ipod in the other and I think it makes me look a bit like a duck. The fact that I'm quacking every few feet and just laid an egg is beside the point.

I guess that's all for now.

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Toddrod said...

Thank you Alison for expressing the guilt feelings you are having for not blogging as often as your fans have become accustomed to seeing. Yes, we fully understand that your life is full of travel, excitement, and interaction with the rich and famous! We realize that when you go to Hollywood, important men from the entertainment industry are calling you constantly, and you are a little more busy than normal. We also realize that you don't seem to be working out on these trips! I understand there were no blog posts from a treadmill, exercise bike, or eliptical machine in the last few days you were in California! You really are busy! We are very understanding.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the hot water:

"While Bill was hosting the show, I was having fun playing "Bob my apples with the house boys even though those weren't really apples they were bobbing for"."

---G. Gutfeld

Ted from Accounting said...

So...I got caught reading Julia's blog for a few minutes and there goes our blog triplets (Ted, Ned & Fred)!?!? I was so convinced you wanted multiples!

You are so awesome Ali! I hope your soul searching into the ocean of answers works out!

Hey, when I've been an AMR blogger for a year, do I get any sort of recognition gift? In just a few more months, I'll be hoping for a Cross Pen Set!

Joe said...

I think it's fine if you take a few days break from blogging - especially when you're back in California surrounded by the beautiful ocean, majestic mountains, and somewhat clean air.

The description of your walk by the ocean reminds me of a special weekend two summers ago. Do you recall, Alison - or have you forgotten about our torrid weekend in Montreal? Maybe you don't remember it as well as I do since you were a bit "under the influence" most of the time. You had the dry heaves then too - and you never looked lovelier. I remember it so well… you wore red. And I held you close all night, mainly because you had the DTs and couldn’t stop shaking.

And then the people in the next room called security because in your delirium you kept screaming and pounding on the walls. But I didn’t care. And then in the morning you trashed the room like a rock star and it cost me $3,000. But can one put a price on love? I realized it was just an outward sign of our deep feelings for each other.

Then on the way back you spit on me and told me you never wanted to see me again. And you called me all those horrible names. But I knew it was just the booze talking. I know in my heart that just because you’ve ignored me for the last 2 years, it doesn’t mean there still isn’t something special between us.

However, my patience isn’t limitless. If I don’t hear from you in another 5 years, I may start to think you aren’t committed to this relationship.