Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm back

In the city, that is. You may begin rejoicing. Unless you're on the west coast in which case you may commence hand-wringing, tear-shedding and heavens-railing-at. A friend recently told me that I'd become more LA ever since I moved to New York, by which he meant that I sucked because I didn't get in touch with him when I was in California. Hm.

I'm on Red Eye tomorrow so don't forget to cancel all your plans so you can watch it.


Ted from Accounting said...

Hand-wringing (check)
Tear-shedding (check)
heavens-railing-at (huh?)

Ok, per your demand, I'll cancel all my plans and watch Red Eye again! I haven't watched it since the last time you were on! Although, I caught a few minutes last night and couldn't figure out who was more fugly, Breibart or Combs!?!?!?


Joe, on your last post, I was totally believing your story until I realized she was in rehab during that time frame and couldn't possibly have been with you! Nice try! :)

Toddrod said...

Hope you had fun in California! I didn't get my 8X10 glossy autograph though! hmmm


Joe said...

Welcome back Alison!! You didn't miss much here on the east coast while you were away.

Have fun on the show tonight! Red Eye has been pretty good this week. Bill was great hosting Tuesday night and last night's show was fun too. I missed the Wednesday night show because my DVR decided to crap out on me. Bad DVR!

I was just watching coverage of the crane collapse in NYC - the second one in a little over 2 months. Wow - people living in NYC apartment buildings with cranes on them won't be sleeping very well for the next few weeks.

Lots of rain forecasted here this weekend, but who cares - it's Friday!!

Joe said...

You caught me Ted! I was really in Montreal with Angela Lansbury. Angela is 82, but she's as spry as a 75 year old.

Although you wouldn't know it to look at her, Angela loves the bottle. The best part was I got a nice little buzz from her Ben Gay and Preparation H.

Ted from Accounting said...

"enough about you, what do I think of me?" LOL - Sounds like a great book title!

I have this new program that let's me make caricatures...and yes, I made a Rosen caricature but it didn't turn out good. You just can't mess with perfection!

I realized in my previous post that I was rather mean by using the Fugly comment! I'm sorry as I meant to write "annoying."

Have a great show tonight!


Now that was some funny stuff Joe!