Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update: I'm on Chelsea Lately on Monday, May 26

Please spend your memorial day with me at 11:30pm on E!

You're probably wondering how I feel about the fact that Friday's episode is airing Monday. At first I was disappointed at having to reschedule the viewing party I'd planned in sixteen different cities across the states. I was going to jump out of a cake in all of them at the same time, which is harder than it sounds, but upon reflection I must admit that I appreciate the two extra days of anonymity this will afford me. I mean, I'm used to living a life that's slightly better than everyone else's in the entire world, and I'm used to treatment that's maybe a hair more professional than say, what you might receive, but at the end of the day I'm still a normal, if extraordinary, person and I have mixed feelings about that changing as it certainly will any minute now.


Ted from Accounting said...

I'm hoping this will lead to your own E channel show! It totally could! I've noticed on the Chelsea show that people are very assertive so don't be afraid to just jump into the conversation and throw your 10 cents in!

Joe said...

But the good news is that there will probably be a bigger audience on Monday night.

On Friday night, people are going to be out partying or already unconscious face down in a gutter somewhere - especially before a 3 day weekend. On Monday night, everyone will be at home getting ready to go back to work the next day.

BUT so help me Moses if you pop out of a cake Alison, there'd better be pictures posted here the next day, or I'll do something nasty - like jump up and down and yell a lot. Maybe even hold by breath.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the May 26:

"I made a $10 bet that this quote would appear on this blog."


Joe said...

Have fun on the show tonight Alison. I'm excited for you!

Here's something fun I found on the web this morning - photos from the Windows of the World theme park in the city of Shenzhen in southern China. The park gives visitors the chance to see major world landmarks in miniature form including the Pyramids, Eiffel tower, Taj Mahal, Big Ben and even Mount Rushmore. Too cool for school!

Check it out:

Mike said...

Didn't they cut out the Friday shows (ala Daily Show and Colbert) a few weeks back? There just isn't the audience.

Give Chuy a hug for me.