Thursday, May 22, 2008

This just happened

my dad: Are you going to write more on your blog, Ali?
me: do you mean... ever?
my dad: well, I'm just tired of reading the same thing!

In that case I'll say that my dad and I were rooting for different Davids to win American Idol. I kind of liked the furry little David better, but I'm also a latecomer to the season so perhaps if I'd been watching religiously I'd have different feelings about the winning David. Ellen Degeneres likes him better, she said as much on her show which I saw on the airplane, so there's that.

I'm doing Chelsea Lately tomorrow and I think I'm a little nervous. It's weird because I don't usually get nervous anymore. And I was going to say that it's the first TV I've done in LA but that's not true either. Hm.


Toddrod said...

I think I've seen Chelsea Lately once or twice. I'm gonna guess you are gonna wear the light blue blouse (my personal favorite) and jeans. I hope you get over your nervous feelings. Why would you be nervous? That seems so silly. Have fun with it!


Joe said...

I think it's normal to be at least a little nervous. I used to be when I did presentations in front of large groups of people.

Years ago I had a boss who was amazing doing presentations. He was just a born salesman. He was sometimes a real pain in the butt to work for, but he gave the best presentations I've ever seen. Not surprisingly, he later became president of the company.

I was just watching on the news video of the tornados they're having in Colorado today. Pretty amazing footage.

Ted from Accounting said...

You are AWESOME and are going to do great! I'm actually glad it's airing on Monday!

I've watched Chelsea Lately a few times! I'm kind of bored with Red Eye so it will be fun to see you on a different program! Have a great time!