Monday, May 19, 2008

Stuff I wrote

I haven't seen it yet but my profile of Evan Handler ran in yesterday's Page Six Magazine. If you have access to the issue, please read it and let me know what I said. Just kidding, I remember what I said. Anyway, Evan Handler played/plays Harry, Charlotte's husband, in Sex and the City, lest you are like, "wait, why do I know that name?" And here's a tidbit/ factoid that didn't make it into the story (because I didn't put it in there) : When we went to take our seats at Hugo's I asked him where he wanted to sit and he chose a seat in front of a bookshelf that had geodes displayed in it. "Ah, you're keeping your back to the geodes! Very smart," I said, because sometimes I say things like that. "What?" he asked. I repeated. "Oh! I thought you said I was keeping my back to the jew," he explained. "Nope. Geodes, geodes," I said like someone with geological tourettes. They were magnificent geodes, by the way. Sparkly and devout.


Rbastid said...

See as a Sicilian i have a problem facing my back to geodes, you never know when one may get up and stab you right in the back.

This reminds me of when I got to interview Stephan Hawkins and he decided to sit next to the electrical socket.

Joe said...

I saw it. Very well written article!!

I didn't realize he had leukemia. What an ordeal to go through. It's great to hear he's doing so well now.

A good friend of mine has a young son (recently turned 4) who was diagnosed with leukemia on May 26 of last year. The technical name is Pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. The poor little guy has gone through a lot of treatments over the last 12 months, spent dozens of nights in the hospital and has been stuck with needles hundreds of times -- but fortunately is doing much better now.

He still takes daily medications (they created a spreadsheet to keep track of them all,) and he has to go in for monthly treatments, but all indications are that he will be fine.

Rbastid said...

In other news, RUN:

The second massive swarm of thousands of bees has been spotted in the city in just over a week and experts say it's a sign the Big Apple could be overrun by drones this summer.

Toddrod said...

I had no idea what a geode was till I saw this. If Alison had said that to me, I'd probably had thought something totally different, like, "she's pretty, but I bet she one of those girls that sends long text messages on her Blackberry while she is working out on the treadmill."